Treats from Italy

My cousin Amy came back from her recent trip to Italy bearing gifts! Yay, I love treats! Knowing that I love Marimekko, she gifted me these lovely tea towels:

They are much too pretty to be used to wipe anything up (or whatever they’re used for). I can see them stretched over frames like a canvas. Someday when the spare room becomes my office, I can totally see these hanging on my orange walls. (If you need some of your own, you can find them here.)

And since it’s become tradition that she brings me back a magnet from all of her travels, she also brought me this cute little Vespa magnet:

She bought it without knowing what it meant, but she knew I had to have it for my refrigerator because of the apples. I later found out from the Vespa website that the slogan is from a 1970 ad campaign that translates to “He who ‘Vespas’ eats apples”. Aw, take a “bite” out of life… how very groovy of them!

What a great ad. It looks like it could have been created yesterday, not 40 years ago. Click here to see some more examples of their past ad campaigns.

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2 Responses to Treats from Italy

  1. CapreeK says:

    Oh man! I’m totally jealous of those tea towels! :)

  2. jillbrowning says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Capree!!

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