Tori Spelling

Has anyone else seen her revamped website yet?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what it looked like before, but I do know that she has repurposed it into a new online lifestyle magazine and social networking site (maybe like Cafe Mom? [we’re friends on Facebook, so she keeps me up to date on all of her happenings ;)]). It appears that it will have feed just like a blog in various catagories:

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that her “live” catagory doesn’t have a “place card” like the rest of the headers? I notice crap like that. Anyway, I’m proud to say I’m a fan of hers, and I look forward to what she has in store.

And by the way, I own one of her pieces from HSN. I get tons of compliments on it. It looks like this one, but in turquoise and coral:

Just sayin’…

UPDATE (8/5/11):

I stopped reading her blog weeks ago. It never quite engaged me. It kind of felt boring, unoriginal, and half-baked. I thought she’d have more to say than how to decorate mason jars and how not to go to bed angry. I am still a fan and will continue to watch her shows, but it seems to me like she has too many irons in the fire and hasn’t given this project the time and attention it deserves.

UPDATE (8/8/11):

Ok, I’m not going to continue to watch her shows. I started thinking about what I wrote on 8/5, and I made Chris delete about 9 episodes off of Tivo, some of which were over a year old. If I had more time, I would have watched them, but with limited boob-tube time, it’s survival of the fittest… sorry, Tori! Selling New York wins.

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4 Responses to Tori Spelling

  1. Punkin says:

    It reminds me of the blog Gwenyth Paltrow has – GOOP, I think.

  2. jillbrowning says:

    True that, Punk. Except that Tori Spelling doesn’t pretend to be perfect. I just can’t get on the Gwyneth band wagon.

  3. leila says:

    i too adore her! loved some of her wedding planning! and i love that she owned a manor!

    • jillbrowning says:

      I haven’t watched any of the wedding series (it’s on my tivo), but I did watch most of the bed and breakfast. Poor girl always bites off more than she can chew!

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