Two retro lawn chairs are coming to live with Team Browning for the “low, low price of on-the-house” (name that movie). We’re saving them from the great big trash heap in the sky. I love treasure hunting that only requires me to answer a text. Thanks, Rippy!!!

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6 Responses to Score!

  1. Chris says:

    40 Year Old Virgin

    What do I win? One of the chairs?

  2. jillbrowning says:

    Ding ding ding!!!

  3. Punkin says:

    Seriously – we had a couple of these exact chairs when I was around 3 yrs old.

  4. jillbrowning says:

    Punk, they are probably that old! (But not that you’re old ’cause I’m right behind you!)

  5. Rip Weaver says:

    Great chairs! I’m so glad that you wanted them. I totally thought of you when I was cleaning out Chip’s garage.

  6. MoonDoggie says:

    Love this chair – colourful :)

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