Shopping spree – West Elm

Time to go shopping again!! This time we’re headed over to West Elm. I don’t love them as much as I used to, but I did manage to find some treasures. Remember, I only have $1,500 to “spend”.

For those of you who are new to this blog, my family and I live in a house that we built and moved in to a year ago. It currently has an unfinished full basement, meaning that someday I will be able to decorate the equivalent of our current living space. That will be many years and dollars down the road, but it never hurts to start planning (and stashing [and dreaming!]).

The more I looked at the Pratt desk and file cabinet (#1 and #2 [not to be confused with the #1 and #2 from the last post!]), the more they grew on me. I imagine that Don Draper‘s secretary would look nice behind a desk like this! I also really like the Window daybed (#6). As we expand our livable space we’ll be able to accomodate more out of town guests, and this piece could double as a couch and a bed.

Here’s the breakdown of what I “spent”:

  1. $224.99   Pratt desk
  2. $129.99   Pratt file cabinet
  3. $  16.00   Large ceramic owl
  4. $    9.00   Small ceramic owl
  5. $449.00   Window daybed
  6. $149.00   Dot side table
  7. $  68.00   Pleats pillow cover (x2; $34.00 each)

$1,444.98  TOTAL (not including tax and shipping)

Thanks for playing “pretend” with me!

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