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Have you been having nasty weather where you live? We haven’t had anything as bad as poor Joplin, MO (bless their hearts!), but Jackson County was under a tornado warning yesterday evening. I was still at work when the sirens went off in town, but I made it home before the biggest part of the storm hit. No twisters in our area that I’m aware of, thank goodness.

Weather news aside, I have to share with you the graphics that one of the local news channels uses for their forecast (I live closer to Louisville than Indianapolis, by the way):

I crack up everytime I look at them. I appreciate that the graphic is simple and bold, but the poor cloud looks like a whale. And on some days, that poor whale appears to be doing a #1 or a #2 (if you catch my drift). And by the looks of the #2, that poor whale’s in pain! Does anyone else see what I see?!!

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6 Responses to Random graphics

  1. Chris says:

    I see what you see…tee hee hee :)

  2. jillbrowning says:

    I knew you would. That’s why I love you!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Jill…you’re ate up. I couldn’t stop laughing. But, I see it too. Too funny

  4. jillbrowning says:

    At least I finally got you to comment!

  5. That cloud is totally trying to be a whale :) He-he…once you pointed that out, that is all I can see!

    xx Cat brideblu

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