Wine on the brain

Sounds like a medical condition, right? I did already tell Chris that I plan on drinking while cleaning the house tonight… But actually my previous post about the wine hanger has reminded me that we don’t have a wine rack in the kitchen. I supposed I’ve never really needed one. I either don’t keep enough on hand, or I drink it faster than I can keep it. Regardless, I’ve decided that if people knew I had wine on hand (or on the brain), they’d come visit me more often.

I just so happened to find the most perfect wine caddy in the world on etsy:

Isn’t it great??!! I’ve never seen anything like it! It will probably end up on my frivolous purchase shopping list.

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One Response to Wine on the brain

  1. MoonDoggie says:

    Oh wow – it’s a great shape and a great colour.
    I particularly like how it looks like a daisy in pic 3.

    BTW, There’s an award waiting for you on my blog. Keep on trucking!

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