House tour – master bath

This tour isn’t in any kind of spatial order. It’s more like, whichever room is clean when I have time to take pictures. So here’s the master bathroom, the most girly room in the house:

Since we have a 6 foot tub, it’s really hard to find shower curtains that are wide enough. And once we decided to install a curved curtain rod, I knew I’d have to have something made. Here’s where I previously discussed picking the fabric. My mother-in-law Barb was nice enough to sew it for me, and Chris Browning attached the grommets (helpful hint: when hammering grommets, it’s more productive to do it on a concrete floor, such as your garage, instead of a carpeted floor, such as your living room.)

The print hanging to the left of the shower curtain is by Katie Kirk, purchased on Etsy. In my opinion, it is perfection. It inspires me every day.

And just in case you’re wondering, Chris’ towel bar is hung so high because there’s a wall heater installed right below it. We had one growing up, and I insisted on having one in our bathroom as well.

To the right of my sink is the water closet. It is one of our favorite features in the whole house.

There’s not much to show you in there except my cute little trash can:

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One Response to House tour – master bath

  1. MoonDoggie says:

    ha ha – “whichever room is clean when I have time to take pictures”.

    You’ve done well – love the funky bin too. I’ve been after one fora while.

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