The house tour begins

We almost had company over this weekend, so a few of the rooms in our house got cleaned. I figured I’d take the opportunity to take pictures at the request of Cousin Jen in London. Aside from a few small details, this room is almost complete. So Jen, this is Jane’s bathroom:

I need an apothecary jar on the countertop to keep cotton balls in.

The poster needs a better frame. This is just some junky one I bought at Walmart that I spray-painted white. Preferably, it needs to be a much bigger frame with a mat. The scale is off; it needs to be bigger. I should have had a bigger poster printed...
The blinds also need to be adjusted. It bothers me that they bunch up so much at the bottom. Several¬†slats need to be removed…
I also took pictures of the kitchen, but it was dusk, so I doubt they turn out well. I’ll mess around with them on Photoshop and see what I come up with.
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  1. Did you design that “Bathtime” poster? I love it!!

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