Stahl House

Our television is almost always on in our home, even when we’re not watching it. It’s not something I’m terribly proud of, but it is what it is. Last weekend, while it was playing to an audience of no one, I passed through the living room and was stopped in my tracks when on it I saw an amazing mid-century home: (No, this is not the actual picture I saw, but I couldn’t find stills from the actual movie.)

“What the hell are we watching?”, I said, to no one in particular. I checked with Tivo to see what he had to say for himself, and he revealed that the movie was Why Do Fools Fall in Love. I checked the schedule to see when it was on again. I needed to know if this house was an actual character in the movie or if had just made a cameo. I had forgotten about the whole incident until I saw that Tivo had finally recorded the movie this weekend. After fast-forwarding through about half of the movie, I was disappointed to learn that the house had only made a brief appearance. I then, of course, had to get online to find out the story behind it. As it turns out, it is Case Study Home #22, also known as the Stahl House.

“I know that house”, I thought to myself, and I grabbed a book off of my newly-organized bookshelf. And there it was, big as a bird, gracing the front cover of one of my books:

How about that. But really, I do recommend going ahead and recording the movie just to see the little snippets of house. It’s been playing on WGN. It will brighten your day. And here is an interesting little article about the family who owns it. I also in my research learned that the house appears in the movies Blow, Galaxy Quest, and Nurse Betty, among others. I guess me and my remote will plan on having a condensed version of a movie marathon sometime soon.

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