Jane’s curtains

(Not to be confused with Jane Curtin, of course.) The blue curtains I bought for Jane’s bedroom did not fit the double window. It took me 3 months to decide that I could no longer stand the 3 inch gap where they did not meet in the middle. So what did I do? I cut them down, spent way too much money, added some other fabrics to them, and now they look marvelous.
I had the red flowered-y fabric from awhile back. The blue, of course, is the re-purposed original curtains. The brown and the green are by Moda and came from a local quilting shop (hence, the way-too-much-money-spent). It’s expensive to be picky and want everything custom-made, especially when I’m involved in the making because I have no idea what I’m doing usually. I know what I want, but I may not know how to do it, so there’s a lot of trial-and-error in the process.

I still have to finish the curtains for the single window in her room. They’re about 60% done, but I need a break from sewing, as is it not my forte. Me and my Brother don’t always get along, but we seem to be doing ok here lately. I have a few pillowcases to sew after the curtains are done, and then he can get off of my kitchen table and go back into hiding for awhile.

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