This looks familiar

I have this very same table cloth at home, although it’s not really a table cloth anymore. It’s been repurposed as wall art for the kitchen. Actually, it’s leaning-against-the-wall-and-in-the-way-and-starting-to-pi$$-me-off art because I can’t seem to get it hung. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but it certainly wasn’t $30.
Our kitchen is really cute. I have a few more projects to finish for it (like hanging sh*t on the walls), and then I’ll take pictures of it. Actually, most of those projects require money that I don’t have, so maybe I’ll just take pictures of the parts that are finished and share them with you. You will be jealous.
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One Response to This looks familiar

  1. Amy says:

    I concur, your house, esp. the kitchen, is jealousy-inducing. The kitchen is super cheerful, and I didn't even see the finished product! I love it.

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