So, I’m browsing etsy, and I come across this pillow, which I love. The pillow itself will not fit into the scheme I have planned for our living room, too bad. The description mentions that the fabric is called Pink Zinnia from Alexander Henry.

So Google takes me here:

I still haven’t decided what to do with the spare bedroom (no, filling it with another kid is not even remotely on our radar), design-wise. It will definitely be a guest room for our out-of-town relatives, but I haven’t decided on a paint color. I have no specific vision yet, until now. I’m thinking curtains. I show it to Chris Browning, and he doesn’t wince. Yea! Then I remember the shower curtain I have picked out for our master bathroom from Garnet Hill, also called Zinnia (what is it with me and zinnias?):

I asked if he thought they were too similar, and he said no, but I think maybe yes. There are too many beautiful designs in the world to repeat a theme in one house.

The new Pink Zinnia fabric could also be sewn into a shower curtain, so now I have Battle Zinnia upon me. So if anyone is actually reading this (oh, who I am kidding. So Amy…), I need help deciding a few things. One of them is not whether to purchase the Pink Zinnia fabric, because I already did. I need to know if the Zinnias can truly co-habitate in the Browning household, or if the Pink Zinnia fabric should win Battle Zinnia and reign supreme over our master bathroom.

Not to further complicate things, I also love these two Alexander Henry fabrics, but Chris said this one was too busy...
… so I didn’t even bother to ask him about this one:
But I wanted to share them with you anyway because they are beautiful. Amy, do you have any ideas on what I could do with them? Oh, and to be a glutton for punishment, I looked at Alexander Henry’s website and found this one:

I just about peed my pants. My house isn’t big enough already. Can you tell that I’m already planning the redecoration of my house that isn’t even done yet?!
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  1. Amy says:

    Are you keeping the bedding you have now? Not knowing that, I was going to say the pink zinnia should be used for some pillows for the master bedroom to carry the zinnia theme through the master bath and bedroom. (I love the Garnet Hill shower curtain too much to tell you to use a different one.) As for the other fabric…I think it might be overwhelming on a large-scale project, so I'm trying to think of something smaller to use it on…we can discuss at NYE. Maybe bring them with you so I can see them in person?

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