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During our many trips down to Clarksville on I-65, I always keep my eye out for my 3 favorite logos found on this stretch of highway. I’ve always meant to write a post about this, but I usually forget. We were down there this past Sunday for Father’s Day, so it’s fresh in my memory.

Logo #1 would be from Love’s truck stop in Memphis:

(photo from Studio JFISH)
This makes me want to buy all of my gas from there, however, I am not often in the market for gas while passing this exit.

(photo from WendishTexan)
And look, even their tanker trucks are cute!

The next stop on my logo tour is Haas Cabinets in Sellersburg:

You gotta love the old 50’s style logo. They evidently updated it not long ago, but it’s still pretty cool.
(photo from Mike Mangino)
I have no idea who this guy is, but apparently he likes the Haas semi trailers as much as I do. You truly can find anything on Flickr.

Finally, logo #3 comes from Paco Manufacturing in Clarksville:

Not as flashy as the first 2, but still respectable in its own right.
And as a bonus, during our recent trip, I also saw a Quad Graphics truck:

(photo from ffdav 1)

(photo from zoya with a z)

This is logo perfection in my book. It’s bold, it’s symmetrical, the colors are great and they represent the industry. Someone did their job well.
And just in case you were wondering, no, I did not take a single one of these pictures. I’m in a moving vehicle, remember? I’ll let someone else do the dirty work while I edit from the comfort of my own home…
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