Telephone table

In honor of Miss Biba‘s recent obsession with telephone tables (check them out here, here, here, and here), I’ve been inspired to share with you a gem that I discovered in the treasure chest that is Half Price Books
Instructions for a do-it-yourself telephone table!! I bought this book back in January, and it’s full of all kinds of goodies. You can find the book here if you’re interested.
I think telephone tables are totally rad, but I honestly have no use for one. I haven’t had a land line in about 6 years (not counting Mom and Dad’s) because Chris and I rely solely on our cell phones. I doubt we’ll even get one once the house is built. And even if we do get a house phone, it will most certainly be a cordless one, which also negates the need for a phone table.

I would love to find a new purpose for telephone tables in this day and age. Any ideas? Maybe I’ll need a ‘naughty seat’ for when Teeny Browning starts acting a fool (Which is a given. And BTW, we find out in a week and a half what his or her gender is!!!)
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