Brown Derby

So, this post was originally going to be about puzzles, more specifically the artist of this puzzle (Heronim “Harry” Wysocki) that I am currently putting together. But I changed my mind when I couldn’t find a good source of all of his work. But to finish out this ‘puzzle’ thought, I ask, why don’t people put puzzles together anymore? I hadn’t thought about them in years until I was browsing the game aisle at Target, and this puzzle caught my eye. It’s kind of a zen activity I could spend hours at, given some good lighting and a comfortable chair. My current situation is not conducive to either of these things considering I live in a basement (bad lighting) and the only free space I had to put the thing together was on my coffee table (uncomfortable seating). But my biggest beef about puzzles is that most of them are ugly. Someday when I become wildly successful, maybe I’ll be able to design a line of really cool puzzles.

Anyway, on to my next topic: the Brown Derby (the puzzle I’m putting together)

It turns out that it really was a restaurant in Hollywood back in the day. You can read here and here to learn more about it. I would tell more of the story, but I’m having an ADD moment, and I’ve already spent WAY too much time on this post.

Fast forward to current day, and the Brown Derby looks like this:

It’s kind of sad to see it tucked into a random strip mall, but at least the building still exists.
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  1. Amy says:

    MGM Studios at Disney World has a Brown Derby restaurant, presumably paying homage to the original one, but unfortunately it is not in the shape of an actual brown derby. We should start a puzzle movement, try to bring it back into vogue. It is a very zen activity.

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