Cool house revisited

So, you remember a few months back when I mentioned this house?

Well, I have now found this source of this retro-y goodness!
Ok, so it’s not perfectly the same, but it most definitely is its doppleganger (I wish I knew how to type an umlaut).

I was looking for mid century house plans on Flickr and came across this 1953 marvel from neilchace. This design was part of the Five Star Home program created by Burton Duenke and was developed into a neighborhood called Ridgewood, which is located in Crestwood, MO (a suburb of St. Louis). You can learn more about this on the blog written by Neil Chace and Nathan Wilbur.

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2 Responses to Cool house revisited

  1. Amy says:

    If you and Chris build a house like this, get ready for a permanent house guest! That is SO sweet.

  2. Jill Browning says:

    I would start digging tomorrow, but Chris isn’t thrilled with the layout. But he knows this is the essence I am looking for.

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