Cool Christmas presents (part 1 of 2)

Cool Christmas present #1 – the Drip Clips Paperclip Holder! How adorable is this? And please notice that the clips are shaped like drops of water. If you have to have one for yourself, they can be found here.

Cool Christmas present #2 – Rex Ray Postcards! I’m sorry, I just can’t get enough of him.
And the cool thing about these is that they are bound together like a little book which makes it easier for me to admire them, but they can also be peeled apart and mailed if I so choose (which I won’t). They can be purchased here.
I love getting presents that weren’t on my wishlist because I didn’t know they existed but would have been had I known about them because they are so awesome. Thanks Aunt Linda! (And FYI – the awesome green tray that I took these pictures on was also a gift, but it’s no longer available from Crate and Barrel. And I knew it existed. But I thought I’d never own it because I didn’t buy it in time, so it was still a surprise. Thanks Amy!)

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  1. Amy says:

    You’re welcome! I hope the new treats are making the ‘niner a good one so far!

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