I turned the TV on when I got home from work Friday, and there was a show playing on the Ovation channel called “The Lowdown on Lowbrow“. Evidently “Lowbrow” is a genre of art inspired by the ’50’s and ’60’s which includes a wide range of styles. Among the artists featured was Josh Agle aka “Shag“. I’ve seen his work before but didn’t know anything about him until now.
Holy smokes!! I want to live in his paintings! And please notice that the lady above is holding a staple gun – how random! Not that an elephant in a pool is any less random. This makes me wish that roads were pink and skies were red. How cool would it be if someone made a movie in this style?
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  1. Amy says:

    These pictures remind me of those Mad Men illustrations by Dyna Moe…though these are definitely more random – hello, staple gun!

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