Cool design

How cool would the world be if all packaging was this cute? Why have I never seen this before? I was walking through the store room at work and noticed these Vitamin Water cartons in the recycling bin. I thought they were adorable, so I brought them home with me (could this be considered dumpster diving?) so I could take pictures of them to share with you fine people. And of course, the next time I was at Walmart, I realized that they also sell Vitamin Water (duh, but in my defense, the Coke man delivers ours at work and I don’t drink it anyway) and that I could have just taken a picture of the box there like any other civilized person would (civilized people take pictures of random things, right?).
These little people look like they could live in South Park. Except a happier, warmer, cleaner South Park with no profanity or violence.
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