Susan Hodgin

Susan Hodgin is an artist that I came across a few months ago at the Penrod Arts Fair in Indianapolis. Naturally, I was immediately drawn to her booth because of the vibrant colors in her pieces.
I had such a hard time trying to decide which of her paintings to show in this post. I had originally chosen 18 but decided to scale it down to five.
Be sure to check out her blog; she has a really cool series of posts that show a commissioned piece from start to finish. It was fascinating to me because I’m not a painter and I had no idea how the process works.
She also sells prints of her work directly from her website.
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2 Responses to Susan Hodgin

  1. Amy says:

    Her work was the best at Penrod, definitely. I would buy “Awed” if I had some extra cash lying around. That commissioned piece is pretty awesome as well.

  2. sophiassweetspot says:

    Her work is beautiful! Thanks for sharing Jill.

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