J. Irwin Miller House


Can you even believe that this house is located a mere 45 minutes away from where I live?! And it was designed by Eero Saarinen?! And it will eventually be opened to the public?! I was so excited to hear that this house has been donated to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. I now have a chance of viewing this home without trespassing. Ok, wait. I didn’t trespass on purpose. Let me explain. You cannot see this house from the main street that it is on because of a giant hedge that surrounds the property. But someone from Columbus told me that the house can also be accessed from a side street. So one day when I was up there, I turned down this side street and then another (what I thought was a) side street, and I actually ended up in their driveway! And I had to drive all the way up to the house to turn around! I was in such a panic (from fear of being arrested) that I don’t remember much of what I saw, other than it looked like what I imagine heaven looks like. Here is the full story from the Indianapolis Star.

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2 Responses to J. Irwin Miller House

  1. Amy says:

    Kick ass! I can’t wait to check the place out. My favorite part? They painted the bottom of the piano red because you could see it from the conversation pit in the living room. I hope that detail survives whatever work they do on the house.

  2. Jill Browning says:

    Doesn’t the picture of Xenia Miller kind of remind you of Grandma?

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