So, I was at my favorite book store in the whole wide world, Half Price Books, and I found this wonderful book: Googie Redux by Alan Hess. I had no idea that there was a word for this type of architecture. The gospel according to Wikipedia says that it is a “subdivision of futurist architecture, influenced by car culture and the Space Age and Atomic Age, originating from Southern California in the late 1940s and continuing approximately into the mid-1960s”.

(Photo by Flickr7500)

I have long loved this style of architecture. There’s not much of it around these parts, but I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for it now that I have started this blog.

Photo by Roadsidepictures

Photo by Jillianisaphotographer

Photo by Roadsidepictures

Photo by EncinoMan

This bottom one could have come straight out of the Disney movie Cars. I know that movie well. Thanks Baby Conner!

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3 Responses to Googie!

  1. sophiassweetspot says:

    i wish we had a half price books here! there was one in the town i lived in when i was in texas. i love the burger sign!

  2. Amy says:

    “Googie” is an absurd name for something, but it is nice to know that there’s a name for that type of architecture. Way to go, Half Price Books!

  3. Jill Browning says:

    Googie’s was the name of a coffee shop with this style of architecture. Whoever coined the term ‘googie architecture’ was referring to this shop. ‘Googie’ makes me think of ‘loogie’ as in ‘hock a loogie’!! :)

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