I want one!

I didn’t even know that I wanted a terrarium until I came across this glorious wonder. Actually, I first came across its not-so-shiny-and-new bastard cousin from the ’70’s on Craiglist for $10. I was all set to buy it until I realized how far out in B.F.E. the seller was located. I then found this one on ebay. Evidently some company bought the rights to the original design and molds, and now they’re selling them brand new for 40 times the price of the poor thing on Craigslist. Chris Browning thinks it would make a good beer cooler. I can’t disagree.


I also came across this beauty on ebay. It would also meet my terrarium needs, although I feel like I could make one with some Tupperware and a hot glue gun. And I would put snacks in it. And it would match my terrarium beer cooler. Hey… I think I’ve just discovered the centerpiece for my next party!

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3 Responses to I want one!

  1. Amy says:

    Hell yeah. Leave it to your husband to come up with a way to multitask with a terrarium. I love these – the three-tiered one is sweet.

  2. MoonDoggie says:

    ha ha – I love the idea of a terrarium but I also like the beer cooler idea too. How cool would that look at a party?

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