more Orla!

I’m not sure how this has happened again, but I stumbled upon something amazing on my own and not via some design blog…! My ebay feed (again) had been showing me a listing for a red canister, but I always … Read More

new prints in my etsy shop

Now that calendar “season” is over, I am now selling the designs from my 2014 wall calendar as individual prints in my etsy shop. print 79 print 80 print 81 print 82 print 83 print 84 print 85 print 86 print … Read More

vintage playing cards

Apparently collecting vintage playing cards is a thing, and I need to start doing it ASAP. I first stumbled upon a few during a random etsy search and figured there might be more out there like it. 1 – 2 … Read More

vday decor!

Holiday decorating at our house is officially a thing now. (Here’s Halloween, fall, and Christmas if you missed it.) I was trying to be festive for Valentine’s Day in small and simple ways, all the while avoiding pink as much … Read More

family pics

These were taken last fall at our house (with my iPhone 5S and edited with a PicMonkey effect). Jane Marie had just turned 4, and we had just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. My, how we have changed in 2 years!! And 8 … Read More

orange lamp from walmart

In a sea of ugliness at Walmart, this lovely lamp practically jumped off the shelf at me recently and begged to be noticed. I almost spoke out loud and asked it what the hell it was doing at Walmart, but … Read More

playing catch up

It’s so far past Christmas that I hesitate to even share any of this stuff, but if I don’t, it’s going to bug me. So, here smashed into one post are all of the holiday related things I wanted to … Read More

ornament overload

If you ever find yourself with a plethora of princess ornaments with nowhere to go… …might I suggest hanging an $8 silver tree from Big Lots on your plant hook, slapping those babies on, and calling it day? Works for … Read More

oh, Ikea…

Remember when I made this awesome diorama/room for Jane’s (my) tiny Ikea furniture? Yeah, well Ikea had to go and one up me.   But I’m ok with it because it’s pretty cool. I’m so glad Ikea read my previous … Read More

Slacker Tuesday

I’ve never offered a discount in my etsy shop before, but after 5 years, I’m finally throwing caution to the wind! Yippeeeeeee!!!! But also, ugh. My blog and shop have both recently turned five. On one hand, yay for me … Read More

fall, y’all

So, right before I take down my fall decorations, I thought I’d document how I transitioned from Halloween to not-Halloween-just-hanging-out-waiting-for-Christmas. This is pretty much the extent of it. I crafted a couple other things but decided they were too traditional looking for … Read More


1 – 2 – 3 – 4 I pinned these 4 random photos the other day, and it was like they all gravitated towards each other like a magnet. I need this to turn into a instagram filter of some … Read More

How did I not know about this?!

Get thee to a Target store STAT. Orla Kiely is selling cosmetic bags. I consider myself a pretty avid design blog reader, but I only happened upon these by accident, on eBay of all places, when they wisely suggested one … Read More

Happy Halloween…

…from my third place pumpkin to yours! A few things: The white tissue paper thing is a “campfire” with a battery tea light in it. It looked cuter in the dark. Many thanks to Jane Browning for letting me borrow … Read More

I love you, ebay

I’m on fire! Another blog post! Yessssssss… I didn’t even know I needed a Halloween charm bracelet until Pinterest showed me this one: But the link is to a bead-selling website, and I don’t need 95 black cat charms or … Read More

I crafted!

So, a few weeks ago, Jane Browning asked me when I was going to get out our Halloween decorations… Yeah, I didn’t have any. I go all out for Christmas, but nothing for any other holiday or season. Hell, I’m … Read More

time for a new cell phone case

Oh yes, I got a new phone. And it is glorious. And it has a power button that works (!). All I need now is a new case. Chris is letting me borrow a plastic bumper thing he had which … Read More

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